The studio on Via Stoppani is now the headquarters of the Association “For Mario Negri – For Sculpture” and contains the works and materials of the Archives:


• bronze and plaster sculptures from 1947 to 1987;
• drawings and sketches from 1936 to 1986 (made with various techniques: pencil, ink, watercolor and ink, watercolor/ink/tempera, pencil/watercolor/temper, pastels, sanguine, charcoal, charcoal and pastels, ballpoint pen)
• writings by M.N.: notebooks 1936-1945 (youthful writings and writings from the period of imprisonment), art writings from 1950 to 1982, “Studio notes” from 1947 to 1981, correspondence with various artists and friends;
• original work tools;
• objects found in the studio, including art objects (tools, useful objects, photographs, images, art postcards);
• photographic archives for documentation of works from 1936 to the present;
• the artist’s library
• catalogues, posters, invitations for solo and group shows from 1936 to the present;
• articles and writings on the artist from 1936 to the present.

The studio on Via Stoppani, 20 May 1987.
Photo Arno Hammacher.