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ChiaraMarina e Maria Laura Negri


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Stefano Esengrini with Marina Negri


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Chiara Negri


Steve Piccolo and Marco Baschiera


Marco Strina e Barbara Rosso


This work is dedicated to Elda Magri, the wife of Mario Negri (dead in 2005), who lovingly stood by his side, and has kept his memory alive with force and enthusiasm. We are grateful above all to Valeria Magri, a careful, intelligent custodian, together with the daughters, of the legacy of the artist. Heartfelt thanks should also be expressed for the efforts of Fonderia De Andreis of Quinto de’ Stampi: patient, complex work conducted in a constant relationship of interchange, trust and friendship, with profound esteem for Pinella De Andreis and her sons Tino, Gianni and Franco, as well as all the craftsmen of the foundry; each of them has contributed, with the quality of their work, to the completion and success of every single work. Thanks also to all the moulders and young sculptors who worked in the studio over the years alongside Mario Negri.


Aurelio Amendola
I. Bessi
Bepi Bortoluzzi
Bo Boustedt
Studio Casali
Paolo Franci
Arno Hammacher
Marco Introini
Paolo Monti
Mario Mulas
Matteo Negri
Mario Perotti
Michael Speich
Gian Marco Torriani


Lions Club Tellino
Regione Lombardia
RSI, Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana
Video-uno Matera


Homepage images
• Studio on Via Stoppani, 1977. The artist working on Nudo oblungo.
Photo Arno Hammacher.
• Studio on Via Stoppani, 1967. Photo Paolo Monti.
• Detail of the studio on Via Stoppani, 1976. Photo Paolo Monti.
• Detail of the studio on Via Stoppani, 1976. Photo Paolo Monti.
• Mario Negri. 12 sculture, Aprica (Sondrio), summer 2008. Photo Marco Introini